Business Direct – The Free & Easy Way to Book Rail. And it’s Free!

Business Direct is powered by South Western Railway but that doesn’t mean you are limited to travelling on just SWR, with Business Direct you can book your business travel anywhere in England, Scotland and Wales rail network.


And it’s free.

We understand that when it comes to booking rail tickets within the corporate machine, the easier, the better and Business Direct is the easiest.

With no set-up or booking fees, Business Direct allows you to pay either on account or via card, whatever suits your needs.

But what does this mean for you, the one booking those tickets?

It means that you can use any card to collect tickets from the station for those times it includes TFL, ferry or bus tickets.

It means that you can have individual user profiles and travel rules.

It means you can create an account with the facility to create fields so you can track reasons for travel, which client they are visiting. The choice is yours.

It means booking season tickets, issuing e-tickets and the ability to run detailed reports.

It means a reduction in fraud.

It means no longer having to process expenses – saving time and money.

It means that you can track spend and carbon footprint.

And it also means that you have a dedicated customer service team behind you and that your aftersales needs are resolved quickly and smoothly.  Something when you are trying to get a refund on tickets makes all the difference.

We offer full training with Business Direct, and we can create an account in as little as 20 minutes.

With over 500 active users Business Direct is the choice for hundreds of businesses and organisations.

Some of the features Business Direct offers:

  • E-Ticketing
  • Cheapest fare option
  • Multiple travel policy options
  • Carbon footprint reporting
  • Select your seat (depending on train operator)
  • Any card ticket collection
  • Dedicated customer service team (90% of queries resolved in 5 hours)


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