• Raising the Baa

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    Have you ever seen a shepherd working with a dog, he blows the whistle a few times and the sheep go into the pen?  Raising the Baa challenges corporate teams to do exactly what a shepherd and his dog do. What can possibly go wrong?

    Swap your office for a field, enjoy the fresh air and learn so much more about the way you and your colleagues work together (or not!) as a team. We can promise you a heap of fun too.

    Lessons can be transferred to the workplace with the help of our videos, reports, personality and team profiling and follow-up workshop options.

    Half-day, full-day and 2-day programmes available.

    Venue-finding service included if necessary. We operate year-round and throughout the UK.

    Raising the Baa – Building the Best Team in Your Field

     Bromham, Chippenham, Wiltshire

    Chloe D’Arcy

    Production Manager

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