Social Supermarket – Ethical Virtual Experiences

Do something a bit different with your team and give back to charitable causes at the same time. Social Supermarket has curated a number of experiences with our mission-driven brands to bring the world of social enterprise to life.

Try our exclusive Wine & Chocolate Tasting, created with a wine and chocolate expert who has paired our sustainable wines and bean-to-bar chocolates. Every tasting bought will fund a meal for someone in need on top of the impact each individual product creates – like donating to marine conservation projects and biodiversity efforts. This hybrid in-person and virtual event can be done all together with our tasting expert guiding you through the experience via Zoom, or everyone can dial in and enjoy these treats and learn their history from the comfort of their own homes.

Or why not try candle making where every experience gives back to survivors of domestic violence? Or handcrafts with a London-based design studio that champion reclaimed materials and training for people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Get in touch now to learn more about our socially impactful experiences.

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