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Embracing team-building benefits and trends for success for all


In the dynamic landscape of today’s corporate world, the significance of fostering a cohesive and motivated workforce cannot be overstated. Team-building events have emerged as a powerful tool for businesses to enhance collaboration, boost morale, and drive productivity. As we navigate the ever-evolving business terrain, several team-building trends are gaining prominence.

Venues, such as Center Parcs – featured on our Summer Issue’s cover – are equipped to provide the best environment for great days out with the team. We also introduce you to Onigo, who design and deliver playful experiences that bring colleagues together, build teams and boost happiness.…

Team-building trends

One notable trend is the shift towards experiential activities that promote both personal and professional growth. Companies are increasingly recognising the value of immersive challenges, such as outdoor adventures and problem-solving activities, to build resilience, communication, and trust among team members. Virtual team-building activities have also surged in popularity, offering flexibility for remote or dispersed teams.

The benefits of team-building events extend far beyond a day of fun. Enhanced communication improved problem-solving skills, and increased employee engagement are just a few of the positive outcomes.

Companies investing in team-building often witness heightened creativity, stronger collaboration, and a more positive workplace culture. In an era where talent retention and employee satisfaction are critical to success, team-building events are becoming a strategic imperative. Businesses that prioritise these activities not only invest in their employees’ well-being but also lay the foundation for a resilient and high-performing organisation Embracing these trends in team building is not just a choice; it’s a proactive step towards unlocking the full potential of a unified and motivated workforce. After all, success is not just about the individual efforts; it’s about building success together.

Onigo ‘The people who do team-building, without the cringe…’

We design and deliver playful experiences that bring colleagues together, build teams and boost happiness – maximising the fun along the way. Our superpower is the ability to cleverly create, and seamlessly deliver, fun and different team building games – indoors, outdoors and virtually.

Our range of fully facilitated experiences combine clever twists and cryptic puzzles with advanced gamification techniques to motivate engagement, create connection and encourage collaboration. Our hassle-free booking and superstar hosts keep it simple, yet special. So, whether you’d be taking on our pop-up escape room in your office or meeting venue, or embarking on a murder mystery adventure game in Hyde Park, or even joining your team online to pull off the heist of the century – you’re guaranteed a 5* Excellent experience (according to Trustpilot) which the whole team will enjoy.

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Center Parcs Sherwood Forest re-opened for events and team-building earlier this winter, after a multi-million pound refurbishment of their fantastic venue.