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Get ready for Comedy In The Office launch!


Studies show that humour in the workplace can reduce stress and lighten the load mentally. And let’s face it, that’s something every workplace needs. That’s why we’ve launched Comedy In The Office. Alongside our hand-selected comedians, we offer a range of fun and interactive training sessions and event entertainment options to support your business needs. You can boost productivity through a one-time comedy show, host regular events, or hold a public speaking confidence workshop with a comedic twist…

Comedy Shows In Your Office

It’s highly recommended to take a break from the mundane routine, and what better way to do so than by welcoming laughter into your workspace. With our comedy club shows, we bring the hottest and most hilarious tailored comedy experiences to you.

Think gut-busting jokes and hilarious anecdotes right from your meeting room, canteen, or conference space. Or, if you’re hiring a venue for a special event or annual celebration, brilliant, our comedians understand the ins and outs of office culture and tailor their performance to your needs.

We bring everything with us – the comedians, the fun, even the tech

Special calendar events also partner well with our live comedy shows: Blue Monday, International Women’s Day, Comic Relief, Mental Health Awareness Week, Pride Month, Black History Month, Christmas Party Season.

Public Speaking Workshops In Your Office

Most of us suffer from nerves before public speaking, but it’s possible to learn love it and forget about the nerves getting on the way of enjoyment. You can say goodbye to sweaty palms and hello to confidence in the spotlight with our ground-breaking public speaking classes. We’ve partnered with a skilled professional comedian to lead half day Confidence In Communication workshops, live at your offices.

We’ll cover everything from body language to vocal techniques, while discovering authentic styles and voices.

Staff walk away from these interactive sessions with a sense of confidence when it comes to their next pitch, presentation, or meeting, and with newfound tips and tricks on how to overcome their nerves.

” I absolutely loved it! It was a great and memorable workshop. I thought Jimmy was superb; the way he handled the different confidence levels in a sensitive way, as well as knowing just the right way to tease a bit more info out of some of us when we were stalling.” – Becky – Workshop Attendee 2023

You can contact Comedy In The Office to schedule a personalised consultation by calling 07759 223931
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