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Increase your awesomeness with PA Life’s Online Courses


Put the extra time you might have during lockdown to good use with our huge selection of online courses, made just for you.

Available via the PA Life website and specially curated by an expert team, there are more than 100 courses available to help develop your career – and yourself.

And the list covers those areas highlighted by the Hays research as being lacking within some businesses, including:-

• Communications Techniques for Managers

• Conflict in the Workplace

• Essential Skills for First-Time Managers

• How to Manage Virtual Teams

• Inspirational Leadership

• Managing Teams

Other areas within the bundle of 100 courses include Human Resources,, Microsoft Office 365, Finance, Health & Safety, Event Management, Project Management, Social Media, Employment Law and more.

If bought individually, these courses would cost £890. But PA Life readers can buy the entire bundle of 100 courses for just £225, including VAT.

And if you join the PA Life Club – – as a member, you can buy them for just £99! What are you waiting for?

Access to these courses will be yours for a whole year, with more choice being added all the time. The courses are constantly updated and refreshed with new information and training, so you’ll always be ahead of the curve.

To view the full list of courses and to start learning, visit


Who is this course bundle created for?

We have carefully selected a range of courses across a broad spectrum to give our readers the tools to better themselves and their career progression.

Will this improve my chances of being employed?

Yes, studies show that as much as 92% of employers who saw extra training on a candidates CV saw it as a positive addition, meaning they were more likely to hire them.

Will this help me get a promotion if I’m already employed?

Similar to getting hired, the chances of being promoted are dramatically increased if you have additional training from outside of work. It’s a fantastic way to show initiative and determination if you’re spending your free time bettering yourself, so that you can do your job better.