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The new look is here

You might have noticed the fresh look and new layout of the website. Hope you like it!

So, what has changed for the new

The main reason behind the refresh was the need to bring more content to the homepage in order to give you, our reader, an easier and better user experience. We wanted to show the main sections and topics in one place, within an easy scroll of the homepage.

The main pages of Latest, Supplier News, Events, Editor’s Picks and Club News all show five latest articles on the homepage. Earlier articles can be seen by clicking the title of each page e.g. Supplier News.

The right side column of the new homepage also displays other key content, starting with our PA Life magazine’s latest issue on the top. We wanted to make it as easy as possible for our readers to find the magazine and click through to the copy hosted on issuu.

Our fantastic PA Life Club, which is celebrating its 10th anniversary this autumn, invites PAs, EAs, VAs and Office Managers to explore the Club page to find out what it’s all about. Members find a Sign In button there and if you want to join, there is a handy button for that too.

In the middle of the column, we display a Featured Supplier, linking easily to their profile page under Recommended Suppliers. A supplier can book this slot for a week and enjoy a prime position on our homepage.

Under the Featured Supplier you’ll find an invitation to subscribe to our newsletters which go out twice a week to our reader base of over 13,000 contacts.

We also display upcoming events in this column, each linking to full details and a registration form making it much more convenient for delegates to book to Forum events and PAs to rsvp to the PA Life Club Meet Up invitations, all displayed here too.

You’ll also find our Instagram feed at the bottom of the column. Please do follow us at @palifemag as we post pictures and updates from events, remind you of our upcoming events, competitions, partner offers and more.

We are also very active on Twitter and LinkedIn posting 2-3 updates daily, mainly supplier news and promotions or event updates and invites.

Don’t miss the main menu pages

The main menu offers an easy access directly to the sections of interest to you, whether it’s Business Travel, Hotels, Entertainment, Workplace Wellbeing, Careers, Corporate Hospitality, Corporate Gifting, Reviews or Events. All these drop down from the Latest menu. And there is more – do explore!

The traffic to is growing very nicely

We currently receive around 20,000 unique visitors a month at The last 90 days have seen phenomenal growth for us, 26% compared to the previous 90 days. We can thank the excellent content, that’s relevant and of interest to our readers. This is often sponsored by suppliers as part of their promotional packages with PA Life which include for instance newsletter inclusion and social media promotion of the articles, driving traffic to their posts.

Another key factor is our continuous strive to improve SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) on all content we publish, as well as for the site’s technical side of the site. We work with a great digital agency, BrightClick, who also do a lot of the SEO work with us.


We’d love to hear your thoughts on the new site and welcome suggestions for content. Please drop our Editor a line at