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How long are you staring at a screen each day?
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If you feel like you’re constantly hooked to a screen, you could…

UK-pensions-need-to-be-reformed-by-the Government
UK pensions need to be reformed by the Government
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The Pensions and Lifetime Savings Association (PLSA) has called on government to…

5 office friendly yoga poses for improving your mental health 
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With 74% of the UK ‘overwhelmed or unable to cope at some…

Let your heart and emotions play their part in decision making
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How much do we rely on our heart? Lucy Eden, the founder…

4 Ideas for PA’s Organising Executive Team Building Exercises
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As a PA, part of your duty is to organise executive team-building…

How to be happy at work this International Week of Happiness at Work
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A full-time employee will spend around a quarter of their time at…

Gender pay gap reporting: what do businesses need to know? 
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The Government’s latest pay gap report has revealed that in 2021, women…

Five things an event planner looks for on a venue visit
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There are five key things that an event planner looks for on…

Is Passive Aggression The Perfect Office Crime?
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Passive-aggressive behaviour could be described as the ‘perfect office crime’ because these…

5 Things to Consider When Travelling to a MICE Expo 
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MICE Expo takes place in various places year after year. The purpose…

Redundancy – Your Questions Answered
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Andrea Corr, a senior solicitor in the employment law team at leading…

Five Ways to Professionally Develop as an Executive Assistant 
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These five ways are all manageable and will help you to professionally…

Employee engagement highest in environmentally conscious organisations
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Prioritising environmental and societal impact is becoming the leading indicator of employee…