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Branded Christmas Crackers are real multi-taskers


Looking for a way to promote your venue for Christmas Parties? Perhaps you’re organising the Christmas lunch this year and need to sort those little nick-nacks like table décor and small gifts. Maybe you’re looking for a creative way to invite your employees to the Christmas party. If so, bespoke branded Christmas Crackers might just be the perfect answer.

These staple festive items are made to order allowing great flexibility with gift content, colour schemes and finishing touches. Below are a few of the choices you have when creating your crackers:

  • Shape: round, rectangular, triangular
  • Size: miniature, standard, bespoke
  • Finishing Touches: foiled ribbon, space to handwrite names, QR codes, bespoke packaging
  • Contents: standard, luxury, supply your own (some options detailed below)

The opportunity to choose the contents or even supply your own is the real game changer. This allows you to tailor the cracker entirely to your brand and/or recipient.

Branded Christmas crackers can be put to many uses

Crackers can be used in many ways, from practical table decorations in restaurants and homes to marketing pieces at Christmas – perhaps a thank you gift for clients and staff. We’ve outlined a few of our favourite uses below:

Invitation to your Christmas Party

Christmas Parties are back in full swing this year so it’s only natural to want to make yours as impressive as ever. The invitation sets the tone for the event and sending guests something unique and creative helps tease for what is to come. Perhaps the gift within the cracker could be a miniature bottle of spirit to help get the party started. The details could be printed on the cracker or on a card inside. You could use a QR code that links to an RSVP, making things as easy as possible for your guests.

Promote your Venue

Christmas crackers are a great way to promote your venue over the festive period. They could be a gift left by your sales team when visiting clients, given out at exhibitions or mailed to new prospects.

Name Place Settings & Table Décor

It’s safe to say that no Christmas table is complete without a cracker at each seat. Why not have them double-up as name place settings too? We can either print each guests’ name onto the cracker or leave a space for you to handwrite these on.

Marketing Piece

Branded Christmas crackers work excellently for promotions around the festive period. Hotels, for example, could use them to promote the launch of their Christmas menu. QR codes work particularly well in this instance for directing prospects to the menu, a booking form or any call-to-action.

Thank You Gift for Clients & Staff

Crackers can also be used as a gift for your clients and staff – a way of saying thank you for everything they’ve done throughout the year. In this case, you may want to make the cracker have a more retail feel to it by using foiled ribbon and a matching bespoke box to present it.

What can you include in your Christmas crackers

The choice of contents can also be great for gifting purposes. Whether you want to choose one of your own products or select from our range of contents, a few of which include:

Chocolate Standard Higher Value Luxury Brands






Mini Metal Torches

Bottle Openers

Webcam Covers

Handbag Hangers

Lip Balm / Beauty Items

Plant Seeds


Power Banks

Miniature Spirit Bottles

USB Lighter

Ear Buds / Headphones


Hugo Boss

Nina Ricci





To find out more or to place an order please see or get in touch with

Georgia Lee at

0118 40 22 777