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Maximising your corporate travel budgets with 1000 Mile Travel Group


Let’s face it, managing corporate travel budgets can be a daunting task. Particularly as global business travel and event costs reached record highs in 2022 and 2023 and are forecast to keep climbing in 2024*.

But what if you could partner with a team of expert travel advisors who excel in finding cost-effective and transparent travel solutions? With 1000 Mile Travel Group, that’s exactly what you get. Our team is dedicated to optimising your travel budgets without sacrificing quality or convenience.

Our track record is proof that with the right expertise and experience, travel planning can deliver savings and results simultaneously. Businesses like yours have benefited from our cost-saving solutions, while still receiving top-notch service from start to finish.

How 1000 Mile Travel Group makes corporate travel cost-effective

In today’s competitive business world, every pound counts. That’s why it’s essential to have a corporate travel partner like 1000 Mile Travel Group, who specialises in maximising travel budgets. Our team of experienced advisors is dedicated to finding the most cost-effective solutions for our clients, ensuring they receive top-notch service while also optimising their travel expenses.

Strategic account management

We know the travel landscape is always changing. Our top priority is providing the right expertise to support achieving your business objectives and delivering a measurable return on your investment.

Our travel advisors and strategic client management team take the time to ensure you have full visibility of your travel data and spend, up-to-date industry news and trends, and travel alerts and restrictions.

We manage everything from negotiations with suppliers to traveler safety, travel program reporting and training. And that’s not all, we also work alongside your business to ensure your travel arrangements are organised to meet all your business needs, factoring in efficiency, safety, schedules, and budget.

Through our personalised customer support and analysis of your business traveler behavior, trip patterns and travel spend data, we work with you to ensure that your travel program is performing and evolving in line with your business objectives.

Cost benefits that keep your corporate travel budgets under control

As part of the CTM Group of global travel businesses, we help budget-conscious small to medium businesses get the most out of their travel spend by leveraging our significant global buying power to pass on the best business deals and benefits to you.

At 1000 Mile Travel Group we’re happy to have the conversation about hidden costs in travel management. We put everything on the table to form a truly open partnership with our clients and factor the commission we earn into our pricing so you can be confident that our offering is transparent.

We have long-lasting relationships with reputable industry partners and suppliers across airlines, hotels, cruising, and car hire around the globe so you have access to the best-in-market travel content no matter your needs or budget, giving you the confidence that our travel advisors will deliver on value, price, and service.

Intuitive travel tools

We have a proven track record of helping businesses of all sizes save money on their travel costs without compromising on the quality of their trips. Our simple, user-friendly online booking and reporting tools are customised to reflect your company’s travel policy so you can drive savings and seamlessly fulfil your business’s compliance requirements using data-driven insights. With our state-of-the-art technology platforms and automation, you and your team are only one click away from more cost-efficient, and powerful global travel.

Take the first step in maximizing your corporate travel budgets and partnering with the experts at 1000 Mile Travel Group. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you save on your next trip.

Ready to start saving on travel?

Visit 1000 Mile Travel or reach out to Alex Locke, General Manager – UK, on to discuss your travel needs today.

*CWT GBTA Travel Price Forecast 2024