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Giving to receive: Christmas corporate gifts that deliver lasting impact

M&S gift cards for corporate gifting

Now more than ever, your clients and colleagues deserve to be treated to an extra-special gift at Christmas. The issue is, as the cost of gifting continues to climb, businesses can’t afford to give out of the goodness of their (corporate) hearts. Christmas gifting needs to deliver lasting impact.

Giving to receive is usually perceived as socially unacceptable – it’s not the done thing. But this unacceptability is a modern construct. The notion of giving to receive actually finds its roots in ancient spiritual law: that blessings come to those who are generous.  

Triggering emotional responses and chemical reactions

Think about the last time you attended a trade show. How many businesses were exchanging freebies for momentary connection? 

Giving gifts is the number one way to create connections and make your recipients feel truly valued, appreciated and thought of. Why? Because when recipients experience these strong positive emotions, three chemical responses are triggered in the brain: 

  • Dopamine: a neurotransmitter that helps us feel pleasure as part of a reward – connecting the positive feeling to the act of receiving a gift. 
  • Oxytocin: the ‘love’ hormone that helps us foster bonds with other people.
  • Serotonin: the ‘happy’ chemical that contributes to our overall wellbeing, happiness and mood regulation.

These feel-good chemicals are responsible for strengthening human bonds – whether between a mother and child, or you and your recipients. 

Corporate gifting means more this Christmas

Your clients and colleagues know that the cost of giving is increasing, so your corporate gift will feel even more thoughtful this Christmas. You’ll establish the emotional connections you need to deliver impactful results. You’ll give to receive. 

But which corporate gift you give can also impact how your gesture is received. 

To discover which gift cards make people feel most connected to the companies that gifted them, we surveyed 1,000 members of the British public – across all age groups and backgrounds. 

80% of respondents said they’d feel ‘truly valued’ or ‘genuinely delighted’ if they received an M&S Gift Card from a business. These are strong, positive emotions that ensure you build strong, positive connections with your recipients. And this year, an M&S Gift Card means so much more to your recipients, allowing them to treat themselves to all the little extras that make Christmas so special – from festive pyjamas for all the family, to decadent desserts for the big day. 

So whether you’re thanking clients for their support this year, or rewarding staff at the office party, treat them to an M&S Gift Card. Give to receive, and reap the benefits long into the new year.