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How to gift sustainably by CEO of Legacy Marketplace


Abena Fairweather, CEO of Legacy Events shares her tips on how to gift sustainably when we purchase gifts for clients or colleagues.

Giving gifts to clients and employees is a quick way to affirm important relationships. A sustainable gift given by your company says three things:

  • We appreciate your contribution to our business.
  • We care about the earth, its inhabitants and its resources and are trying to reduce our impact.
  • We want to help you do the same.

To gift sustainably for corporate clients and teams is easier than you might think

You’ve already done it in many areas of your everyday life: you think about your fashion purchases, you’ve considered your coffee habits, you’re thoughtful about food miles and you’re relentless about recycling. But how do you put all of that to work, at work? And when you’re already stressed in a role that’s known for being high pressure?

Here are three tips on how to gift sustainably to help you be more purpose led when choosing corporate gifting.

1 – Check how the product is made

Ideally, you want your gift to delight the recipient and also be practical and useful so that it does not end up in the bin. Aim for high quality products that are sourced ethically, without harmful or exploitative business practices and are made from a recycled material or low impact material (such as wood, bamboo, etc). Locally produced, artisan products are usually more sustainable, for their lower carbon footprint and their social impact.

2 – Don’t forget the packaging

Packaging makes a huge difference – how you wrap or present a gift adds to its value. Skimping on the outside can quickly devalue what’s inside. Use cardboard or fabric instead of single use plastic. Always aim at having a packaging that can be reused or that is recyclable or compostable.

3 – Reflect your company’s values

In the gift that you send. If your business wants to send the message that it supports reducing plastic in the workplace, giving a reusable water bottle demonstrates your commitment to the issue. It also shares a useful item.

Legacy Marketplace helps you embody your purpose throughout the gifting process, without sacrificing quality or convenience. You can see the packaging policy for everything you buy, so you avoid the situation of sending beautiful gifts in cheap, unsustainable packaging. Made by events and sustainability experts, our platform will allow you to find truly sustainable suppliers for corporate gifting and giveaways in one place.

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