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Sustainable corporate gifting for Christmas 2023


Sustainability has been a leading business priority for many years now – and this Christmas will be no different. 

Customers and colleagues expect companies to send gifts that have been sustainably sourced from an environmentally and ethically sound company. This means EAs, PAs and office managers need to find festive options that not only suit their budget, but align with their company values, too. 

Greenwashing won’t wash in 2023

Sourcing sustainable corporate gifts is not only positive for the planet – it’ll have a positive impact on your business, too. 

When clients and colleagues receive gifts that align with your company values – and their own ethical expectations – it will help to foster a positive view of your brand in their minds. Your business is also behaving in a manner they expect, which helps to build trust and loyalty. 

But if your gifts fail to live up to these expectations, the consequences can be dire for your business. 

“Unfortunately, bad news tends to travel faster and further than good news” says Anna, a PA working with the directors of a leading UK telco. “It’s very important for our image that we partner with a gifting supplier that’s very well respected in terms of sustainability. A positive partnership creates interest, excitement and momentum within the business.”

What do sustainable corporate gifts look like?

Sustainable products tend to be made from low-impact materials, such as wood, hemp, paper, cork or bamboo. Locally produced, artisan items also tend to be more sustainable than mass-produced products as they’re likely to have a lower carbon footprint and social impact. 

But sustainability is about much more than the materials gifts are made from. To be sustainable, gifts should also be practical and usable by your recipients. A sustainably sourced, completely cardboard item wrapped in recycled paper isn’t very sustainable if it’s going to end up in the bin on day two. 

They also need to be sourced from gifting suppliers with strong ethical and environmental commitments, and without harmful or exploitative business practices. 

M&S is a reliably responsible brand

At M&S, we care about our impact on the world, and are proud to be renowned for our sustainability values. 

In 2007, we launched our industry-leading sustainability programme, and have since reinvigorated our approach to ensure sustainability is fully ingrained as part of our ongoing business transformation. We’ve also made it our mission to be a net-zero business across our entire supply chain by 2040, uphold our Global Sourcing Principles across our entire product range, and support social value creation across our local communities. 

M&S Gift Cards themselves are sustainably sourced, completely paper-based, yet stylishly sleek – so they’ll be well-received by even the most eco-conscious recipients.

So whether you’re sourcing sustainable gifts for clients or colleagues, M&S Corporate Gifts is the reliably responsible choice. 

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