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Investor Networking: The Hattie Mauleverer Corporate Concierge Experience


Maintaining relationships with investors across the globe is so important to business. The need for seamless coordination and a confident service is imperative for hosting events and meetings. Hattie Mauleverer’s innovative solution – Corporate Concierge, is a bespoke service designed to streamline the complexities of international meetings. To showcase the potential of our Corporate Concierge service, here is a recent case study showcasing the power of HM Corporate Concierge during a week of intensive investor meetings across Copenhagen, Frankfurt, Paris, and London.

Our client, a prominent private equity firm, embarked on a whirlwind journey spanning multiple European cities to host investor meetings. With a team of 10-14 professionals traversing these cosmopolitan hubs, the need for meticulous planning and flawless execution was non-negotiable.

Investor networking executed immaculately: First stop Copenhagen

Despite having a preferred hotel, our client sought our expertise to orchestrate a gathering for 40 potential and existing investors. Commencing at 9:30 AM with a well-timed break at 11 AM, followed by a sumptuous lunch from 1:30 to 2:30 PM, the event demanded precision. Through our adept coordination, an environment conducive to fruitful discussions was created, enhancing the client’s reputation for professionalism and hospitality.

On to Frankfurt

Challenges awaited us in Frankfurt despite a recommended hotel. With the venue requiring extensive hand holding, Hattie Mauleverer kept abreast of everything from her UK office and ensured smooth proceedings. She liaised diligently with the hotel staff and ensured every detail aligned with the client’s expectations, demonstrating her unwavering commitment to excellence.

Paris beckoned with its charm

We rose to the occasion, securing an enchanting boutique hotel near the iconic Champs Élysée. However, the absence of suitable meeting spaces necessitated out-of-the-box thinking. A historic chateau, repurposed into elegant meeting rooms, provided the ideal setting. Three distinct spaces catered to different aspects of the meeting, including a breakout room and a lavish lunch venue. We transformed challenges into opportunities, exceeding our client’s expectation and pushing their experience to new heights.

London  -the final destination

London demanded nothing short of perfection. We secured a magnificent ballroom for the investor meeting, and partitioning off an area to offer an intimate dining experience. This allowed us to exemplify our attention to detail. For the evening, a culinary delight awaited the team at a newly minted Michelin-starred restaurant, where they were able to discuss their triumphant week of meetings.

Investor networking – creating meaningful connections

Throughout this exhilarating journey, Hattie Mauleverer’s Corporate Concierge proved instrumental in enhancing the client’s brand reputation and helped to create meaningful connections with investors. From liaising with hotels to organising bespoke dining experiences, Hattie Mauleverer’s unwavering dedication ensured every moment surpassed expectations, leaving an indelible impression on all involved.

In conclusion, Hattie Mauleverer’s Corporate Concierge service exemplifies the epitome of excellence in event management. Through meticulous planning, innovative solutions, and unwavering dedication, Hattie Mauleverer redefines corporate hospitality, setting new standards for client satisfaction and success in the competitive world of private equity. Corporate Concierge emerges as a beacon of reliability, ensuring seamless execution and unparalleled excellence every step of the way.