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How to plan the hottest summer party

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A glimmer of sun is finally peeking out and the spring is in full bloom. That can mean only one thing… it’s time to plan your summer party!

While we can’t get the shorts on just yet, according to event partners Viva Esprit, it pays to get ahead of the game when it comes to planning a big event. So, let’s not waste any time. Here’s where to begin planning your corporate or private summer party.

What’s the party for?

First things first – what are you holding your summer party for? As with any event you should have a purpose and know what you want to achieve. Do you want to celebrate a special achievement? Build some camaraderie with teambuilding? Invite families to build your business community? Knowing the purpose will help you to decide the format of your event and to start to consider what activities or features might be appropriate.

Whatever the purpose, you should consider what your attendees would like from the event and plan something that they would enjoy. You’ll know your team best, but if you want to make sure you create an event they’ll love, you could pop out a quick survey to sense-check the sentiment. But don’t deliberate for too long, there’s lots more to plan…

Get the ‘save the dates’ out

If you want a particular date – then get it firmed up as quickly as possible to give you the best chance at securing your venue and getting full attendance. Get your ‘save the date’ out to your guests ASAP so it’s firmly in everyone’s diaries (and don’t forget to mention if partners/ families are welcome).

Set a budget for your hottest summer party

It’s essential to know your maximum budget for event planning. Summer parties don’t have to be an elaborate affair – it’s possible to arrange something really simple and still have loads of fun, but there’s little point in scoping out The Ritz if you only have budget for a picnic.

Don’t forget that all of the small things do add up and there can be unexpected expenses, so when you’re budgeting leave a contingency fund of around 10 – 15%, and keep track of spending as you go along.

Things to consider in the summer party budget include:

  • Venue hire
  • Staff costs
  • Travel costs
  • Food and beverages
  • Decorations
  • Rental items (such as furniture)
  • Entertainment
  • Party bags/giveaways
  • Miscellaneous items (napkins, ice etc)

Things to consider when sourcing a venue

Once you’ve sent the save the dates and know your budget, you can start to look at venues. You want to book your venue as early as possible, but it’s not a decision to be rushed, there is a lot to consider. Here’s a checklist of questions to ask when contemplating venues:

  1. How many guests will be attending?
  2. What activities will you be doing?
  3. How will guests get to the venue?
  4. If families are attending, will the location be safe for children?
  5. Are there noise restrictions?
  6. Are there any other restrictions, such as closing times?
  7. Does it fit within the budget?

Plan for the Great British weather

While summer in the UK can be glorious, there is always a fair chance of rain. And even the sun can cause problems when it comes to overheating or food spoiling. So when you’re organising your venue, plan for areas of shade. If that’s not possible, you’ll have to consider providing wet-weather provisions, such as umbrellas or ponchos, or sun shades such as parasols.

Decide your summer party theme

This is where things can get really exciting. Whether you want to capitalise on those tropical vibes, or throw a classic British fête, summer parties are a great opportunity to embrace fun themes. Weave your theme through all aspects of the party, from a tropical venue (think botanical hot house or beachside property), to flavours of the Caribbean in your catering.

There are lots of great extras that can really help set the scene. Pair themed props with a photobooth and you have a great way to create memories to look back on and inject a bit of fun into the occasion, for example.

Themed activities can also ensure you keep the spirits up and attendees have something to do and discuss together.

Get the expert party planners in

Even after all of that planning, there is a lot more to do to create the hottest summer party, from sourcing all the various suppliers to arranging transport at the end of the day. Viva Esprit are experts in all things party planning and can do all of the heavy lifting before and during the event, so that you can enjoy the day. If you’d like to take the weight off your event planning, get in touch and we’ll do the rest.



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