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Swag That Clients Love: in their own words


Swag That Clients Love: in their own words. Promotional items or swag in the business world are a way of highlighting your brand. As personal assistants, you play a crucial role in creating these tangible expressions of appreciation. Recently, we stumbled upon an interesting thread on LinkedIn that asked a simple question: “What is the most overdone piece of event swag or gift?”

It evolved into a discussion of items people actually love receiving. Overall we’ve summarised the most popular picks that resonated with clients, according to the replies to this thread.

Edible delights

Edible items are consistently a big hit. Whether it’s snacks, baked goods, candy, coffee or tea, clients love being able to enjoy a tasty treat. And furthermore they can be shared with colleagues, exposing the brand to others. Moreover, craft foods and beverages made by local producers and by businesses with a social purpose are especially valued for their uniqueness and support of small businesses.

“Love local crafts, snacks”

“An edible item is a nice idea- something local.”

“Anything edible”

Useful Tech Accessories

Useful tech tools like power banks, phone stands, multi-head screwdrivers, and tech wipes also rate highly. Moreover, in our device-driven world, anything that helps keep smartphones charged or makes them more user-friendly are always appreciated. Tech swag can be personalised through engraving or stickers, helping to keep your brand top of mind.

“Travel plug”

“A phone stand”

“ A mobile phone portable recharger/battery”

Travel and Outdoor Gear are excellent swag choices

Travel and outdoor accessories make excellent swag choices. A clever umbrella or sun hat gifted at just the right moment shows the brand is attentive and cares about recipients’ needs. And who doesn’t love a good pair of socks?

“A small suitcase that fits under your plane seat and fits into the measurement requirements of a personal item.”

“A blow up neck pillow.”

“Travel mugs can be a nice reminder of a good time.”

“A set of packing cubes.”

Unique Experiences

While tangible swag is great, additionally experiences and acts of goodwill can be even more valued by clients. Donations made on recipients’ behalf to charitable causes they care about show brands are invested in making a positive social impact. VIP access to exclusive events, concerts, or activities helps create memorable experiences tied to the brand.

“A VIP pass to a small limited person concert with a famous band that will do an autograph session afterward.”

“A skydiving event and skydivers have their pictures taken in the air then are given a print with your name or the party name on it.”

Based on the thread, it’s evident that clients value swag, to the extent that instead of criticising it, additionally they prefer to share what impressed them about it. At Legacy Marketplace, we firmly believe that swag, when executed in an ethical and sustainable manner, plays a vital role in promoting your brand.

At the end of the day, the most appreciated swag isn’t necessarily the biggest, flashiest, or most expensive.

“I think socks was the best swag I ever received.”, and “a well timed umbrella”, “a well designed drink coaster.”

It’s the swag that demonstrates the brand is thoughtful, cares about quality, and sustainability and wants to enhance clients’ lives. Its swag That Clients Love: in their own words, and whether this is through tasty treats, handy gadgets, travel gadgets, philanthropic gestures, or one-of-a-kind experiences, swag that comes from the heart leaves the most lasting impact.

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