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5 tips for hiring best meeting rooms for team collaboration

best-meeting-rooms-for- team-collaboration

How to get the team talking in perfect harmony? Landmark shows how to spread team love with five tips for hiring the best meeting rooms for team collaboration that really bring people together…

The secret of a collaborative, productive meeting is a harmonious environment where everyone feels comfortable, discussion flows, and the team reaches a consensus. But how do PAs choose a meeting room that achieves all this?

Meeting room provider Landmark Space shares five tips on what to consider when hiring a meeting room for team collaboration and relationship building.

5 tips for hiring the best meeting rooms for team collaboration

1.Comfortable surroundings

Teams concentrate better when not distracted by hard chairs, poor lighting, stuffy or cold atmospheres, and shoddy decor. They love a comfortable, appealing environment dedicated to business meetings, with supportive, cushioned chairs. No one should be talking about personal discomfort when focused participation is the meeting’s goal.

2. Working technology

One of the attractions of meeting in person is the break it gives people from niggling technical issues with WiFi or video calls, which always seem to happen when you work from home. Look for meeting rooms that provide working technology for seamless collaboration, such as easy-to-connect conferencing equipment and powerful WiFi. Don’t forget to ask about technical support should the team need it.

3. Versatile room layouts

Certain layouts suit specific discussions. Legend says King Arthur favoured a round table because no one was at the head and everyone was equal. True or not, holding court in a circle encourages more harmonious discussions and less hierarchical division, fostering collaboration and innovation. Choose a meeting room provider that offers a variety of room layouts, from boardroom to conference style.

4. Biophilic design

Plants, wooden tables and flooring, natural lighting and colour palettes connect us to nature and have a calming effect. Meeting rooms with biophilic elements like these offer a nurturing ambience to help diffuse heated discussions during brainstorming and boost productivity. Studies show that biophilic design also increases creativity. Look out for biophilia when booking a meeting that aims to enhance innovation.

4. Snacks and refreshments

While the team fuels the business with fresh ideas, make sure the meeting room provider has thought about refuelling them. Landmark provides snacks and refreshment stations with tea, coffee and cold drinks to energise people as the meeting unfolds. We also have a choice of menus, including delicious breakfasts, lunches, and canapes.

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