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What to look out for in a perfect January reset venue?


What should PAs look for when booking the annual January reset venue? Landmark Space explains how its meeting rooms can help business leaders get off to a good start in 2024…

Landmark: the best place to hold a January strategy meeting

January is often an opportunity for business leaders to set priorities for the year, plan budgets, and focus on workforce planning. They also turn to PAs to find a meeting room to discuss strategy.

But with so many venues, what are the meeting room essentials for a successful ‘kickstart January’? Meeting room provider Landmark Space outlines 6 must-haves for the perfect 2024 planning meeting.

6 essentials for a successful planning meeting in 2024


No boss wants a potential competitor to listen to a confidential conversation about their strategy for 2024. So, a venue’s privacy is a booker’s first consideration. A soundproofed offsite meeting room is a private environment where disruptions and eavesdropping are less likely than the organisation’s main office or a public location like a hotel.


With the rise of hybrid working, directors and employees are likelier to join a January meeting via video. Understandably, whether you’re presenting the company’s goals for 2024 or building the team in a workshop after the December break, you will want reliable WiFi with consistently powerful signal strength and internet speed.


January is not just about strategy setting. It’s also a chance to get teams together after their downtime in December. Look for flexible meeting room space to book rooms for the required numbers and adjust them if needed. Ask if you can change the layout to suit the conversation, from a one-to-one conversation to addressing an audience.


Every organisation, from a small business to a corporate board of directors, will need creativity when planning for 2024. A change of scene from the familiar office or boardroom provides a fresh perspective that helps leaders focus on what they want to achieve in the next 12 months. Look for exciting rooms with art on the walls or views that prompt discussion.


To ensure a January meeting gets off to the best start, you need comfortable seating, stationery and audio equipment. But remember, nothing fuels an energetic meeting more than breakfast or lunch! Before booking a room, check that the food meets everyone’s requirements. Does the venue’s menu include vegan, vegetarian, meat, and other options?


Landmark’s meeting rooms fulfil all five requirements for businesses and bookers planning a January strategy meeting. But there’s one more thing to consider: our outstanding frontline support. Whether it’s a team workshop or a goal-setting meeting, it’s helpful to have one of our team on hand to print a document when you need it or order more refreshments.

Contact Richard at 298572 for Landmark Space meeting rooms that meet all 2024 business strategy meeting requirements.

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