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Working hours continue to fall for 4-Day Week Pilot pioneers

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New research from the not-for-profit 4 Day Week Global organisation revealed found that companies’ average working hours continued to fall beyond the conclusion of their six-month four-day week pilot programme. A year after launching their trials, employees’ average work week dropped from a baseline of 38 hours to 32.97, down almost a full hour from […]

UK employers and the four-day week

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By Amie Crowther-Bali, HR Co-Ordinator, ZEDRA… Reducing the working week to four days rather than five could be a great benefit for employees and is something that is currently being trialled throughout dozens of companies in the UK. The trial is spearheaded by the 4 Day Week campaign and run by researchers at Cambridge and […]

Four-day week working critical to post-pandemic economic growth, says business leader

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Businesses can fuel their post-pandemic growth by implementing a four-day week working model, according to the experience of one technology consultancy. London tech recruitment consultant THRYVE has reported a 31.9 per cent boost in sales since introducing a shorter working week in 2021. At the same time, customer satisfaction ratings based on service quality and […]

Is a four-day week all it’s cracked up to be?

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Four day weeks are becoming increasingly popular across northern Europe, the calls for British companies to start working to this new time schedule are becoming louder but should we believe the hype and adopt a four day week?  The Trade Union Council recently suggested that with advances in technology, such as AI and remote systems, […]