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Formal training for PAs and EAs: Professional status and qualifications

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Adam Fidler, founder of the Adam Fidler Academy, shares his views on why formal training for PAs and EAs, leading to qualifications, is now necessary for the profession, and what to consider when deciding on the best course… EAs and PAs will often state that they don’t need formal training or qualifications, as they have […]

Ten fatal mistakes Executive Assistants (still) make

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Adam Fidler, founder of Adam Fidler Academy, draws attention to the top ten mistakes that EAs need to avoid. Don’t feel offended as he urges you to use this as a development tool and take a self-critical approach to your EA career. LACK OF WRITING SKILLS Developing the ability to write, and draft documents takes […]

What’s the difference between an EA and a PA?

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PA Life asked Adam Fidler, who specialises in the education of EAs, to clarify what the difference between an EA and PA role is. I have written extensively about the differences, and similarities, between the role of Personal Assistant (PA) and Executive Assistant (EA). This brief article will help current job-holders, as well as employers, […]

Make a career conversation part of your annual goal setting

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Adam Fidler is the founder of Adam Fidler Academy, the UK’s leading provider of education to EAs and PAs. Here he discusses how to tackle career development and why PAs and EAs need to make a career conversation part of their annual goal setting. If there is one area that EAs and PAs seem to forget […]

Adam Fidler shares how to “own it” by taking ownership

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By Adam Fidler, Founder, Adam Fidler Academy Adam Fidler is the Principal and Founder of the Adam Fidler Academy, which offers inspirational teaching and learning for PAs, EAs and business support professionals. Adam Fidler, often gets asked what key attributes organisations are seeking in their EAs and he shares his insights with PA Life… “I was […]

Future-proof your Executive Assistant role with Adam Fidler Academy

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By Adam Fidler Academy There are many reasons why today’s Executive Assistants and Executive PAs need to consider professional learning and development. In a competitive marketplace, EAs and PAs need to continually ask themselves ‘What sets me apart from my peers?’ – and an accredited training programme or qualification can certainly do that. Here at […]