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An EA is not the same as PA!

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There still seems to be much confusion out there about the difference between a secretary, Personal Assistant (PA) and Executive Assistant (EA).  Adam Fidler, Founder and Director of Adam Fidler Academy, explains why an EA is not the same as a PA. Now, I’m not here to talk about secretaries, as that certainly isn’t a […]

Adam Fidler shares how to “own it” by taking ownership

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By Adam Fidler, Founder, Adam Fidler Academy Adam Fidler is the Principal and Founder of the Adam Fidler Academy, which offers inspirational teaching and learning for PAs, EAs and business support professionals. Adam Fidler, often gets asked what key attributes organisations are seeking in their EAs and he shares his insights with PA Life… “I was […]

Future-proof your Executive Assistant role with Adam Fidler Academy

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By Adam Fidler Academy There are many reasons why today’s Executive Assistants and Executive PAs need to consider professional learning and development. In a competitive marketplace, EAs and PAs need to continually ask themselves ‘What sets me apart from my peers?’ – and an accredited training programme or qualification can certainly do that. Here at […]

5 minutes with…Sandra Wainwright, EA at Merseyside Fire & Rescue

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Sandra Wainwright is the EA to the chief fire officer at Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service, who recently won the award for ‘not-for-profit PA of the year at the 2018 North West PA of the Year Awards’ and with over 21 years experience, we decided that it’s time we find out a little more about […]

PA Life Summit 2018: Adam Fidler reveals how understanding gender intelligence can better an assistant’s career

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Most people are familiar with the term IQ (intelligence quotient) and EQ (emotional intelligence), however a fairly new term found in the workplace is GQ (gender quotient). Adam Fidler, founder of the Adam Fidler Academy, spoke at the PA Life Summit today with a key focus on gender intelligence and how it can enable women […]

Mind your language

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Adam Fidler shares his thoughts on the dangers of using dated language when it comes to talking about modern assistant roles We’ve got to get better at being more selective and precise when using language and words to describe the role of the PA or EA. I still get rattled when I see articles about […]

Forming an alliance

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Building a strong relationship is key between an executive and assistant, reveals Adam Fidler. Here he shares his thoughts on the importance of forming a long-term partnership There is an old saying that a first-class assistant can make an average executive look good, but an average assistant can make a first-class executive look very bad […]

Separating PAs from business partners

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Distinguishing the difference between a PA and a business partner has become clouded, claims Adam Fidler. Here, he details why the term doesn’t apply to PAs or EAs. I’ve got a bit of a bugbear at the moment, and it’s the title ‘business partner’ when referring to PAs or EAs. You’re not business partners, and […]