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Cambridge the easiest UK city to find a job in

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University city rivals Oxford and Cambridge have overtaken Swindon to become the top cities in the UK to find a job, according to the latest research from job search engine Adzuna. In Cambridge, 25x more jobs are being advertised than there are jobseekers looking for positions, with the ratio of jobseekers to vacancies falling to 0.04 […]

Communication really is key in the workplace

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Communication’ is the most sought after soft skill by employers Communication is the most sought-after soft skill when it comes to employers searching for new staff. New data from job search engine Adzuna has revealed that 10.9 per cent of ads mention the word. That equates to 116,261 mentions across the 1.1million job adverts analysed, closely […]

Nine out of ten CVs contain spelling mistakes

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Is your CV one of the many that contain hidden blunders throughout? Or are you part of the very few that have a flawless resumé? Men are much sloppier when it comes to spelling and grammar on their CVs compared to women – according to new research by Adzuna, who looked at 20,000 CVs to […]

Today is ‘career move Monday’, will you be seeking a new job?

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The first working Monday of the year has consistently seen a spike in job seekers, new research has found. Year-on-year job search engine has reported seeing a 36 per cent uplift in users compared to any average Monday. Web traffic regularly peaks at 1pm on the first working Monday – meaning Brits are using […]

Thinking of a career break? It could cost you £60k

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Brits taking a career break could lose as much as £1,300 off their annual salary over the course of an average 47 year career, costing more than £60,000, according to new research from Adzuna. The data – collated by the job site in June 2018 by analysing 406,011 CVs – takes into account all types of career breaks, […]