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Ageism in Recruitment: why we need to change the way we think

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Both older and younger generations have suffered the effects of ageism in recruitment and in the workplace.  The older age groups seem to have been more affected of this harmful way of thinking in recent years.  Ageism in recruitment has been accelerated by the repercussions of Covid-19. After the pandemic, Baby Boomers and a significant […]

How older women can hold their own in the workplace

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The founder of Look Fabulous Forever, Tricia Cusden, has spoken about the discrimination older women face at work and has offered her advice on how to navigate the workplace. Having interviewed a selection of individuals, the key issues that came up amongst older women are: Finding work Holding onto a job Being compared to younger people […]

Have you experienced ageism in the workplace?

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Over two fifths of older workers have experienced age discrimination at work, with the recruitment process being the worst offender, according to a survey. The survey of more than 600 workers aged 50 and over, sponsored by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme and UBS, found that 44% had experienced age discrimination at work compared to 41% […]