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Alan Price

Can an employee’s behaviour outside of work have implications on their work life?

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It’s an unfortunate fact that hooliganism appears to have reared its ugly head again at football matches up and down the country. Incidents of aggression, assault and racial abuse are some of the key components of the anti-social behaviour we used to see back in the 1970s and 80s, which are, sadly, once again a […]

Coronavirus: Are your working from home policies up to date?

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By Alan Price, HR expert and CEO at BrightHR With coronavirus cases continuing to increase, an option that many employers should be exploring right now is permitting staff to work from home. While some companies may already have homeworking agreements in place, for others this may be a first-time scenario. Whatever the situation, there are a […]

Can your boss legally reject a holiday request, even though you’ve booked flights?

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We’ve all been tempted before. You start browsing flights to exotic locations on Skyscanner and spot a bargain. You want to book them before they increase in price but you haven’t submitted a holiday request yet. Can your boss legally reject your holiday request even though you have booked the flights? Alan Price, CEO and HR […]