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Over 60% of people want to ditch the tech after work

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Even tech lovers know to turn away from their devices after a while. A new survey of 2,000 individuals found that 56% of those who spend their entire day glued to a screen try to limit using their devices as much as possible at night. On average, people unplug after five and a half hours of […]

Half of women reading more erotic literature during lockdown

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Lady Chatterley’s Lover, Fifty Shades Of Grey, Normal People And The Intimate Adventures Of A London Call Girl, have emerged among a list of the 20 most erotic novels of all time, according to research conducted among the UK’s female population. The study, by research and insights agency Perspectus Global, found almost half (45 percent) […]

The biggest corporate scandals ’caused by a fear of speaking up’

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The VW emissions scandal, financial misreporting in Japan, sexual misconduct in Hollywood, slavery in global supply chains, doping in sport – each of these scandals was enabled in part by corporate cultures of silence and complicity. That’s the conclusion of a new book Speak Up – say what needs to be said and hear what needs […]

How to apply behavioural science in the workplace

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A new book on behavioural science within the workplace has been published, with some fascinating insights on how to improve products and services while achieving the best possible outcome for customers. ‘Applying Behavioural Science To The Private Sector’ has been written by Dr Helena Rubinstein, who has previously worked on projects for Southwest Airlines, Heineken, […]