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    What do you do if your team doesn’t want to go back to the office?

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    Advice by Alan Price, CEO of BrightHR… As more businesses re-open across the UK and we head towards normality or a version of it, employers may face situations where some employees feel reluctant to return to the workplace after working from home for a long time. Employers will need to determine why the employee is […]

    Flexible working requests: What employees and employers need to know

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    Advice by Alan Price, CEO of BrightHR… According to several media reports, Ministers are preparing to make flexible working a permanent feature of UK life after the pandemic, with plans to strengthen employees’ rights to work from home or ask for different hours. The Government will start a public consultation later this year on how […]

    How to manage staff holiday leave this summer

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    Advice by Alan Price, CEO of BrightHR… There’s a lot to consider when managing your staff’s annual leave, but what do you do when multiple people want to book the same time off? This is common at popular times of the year, such as Christmas and during the Summer. And it’s likely to be a bigger […]

    A hybrid workplace? Five things you should know before you make the shift

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    By Alan Price, CEO of BrightHR A recent survey by the British Council for Offices shows that participants favoured not only working from the office but also from home, creating a ‘hybrid’ working arrangement which could soon take the spotlight from traditional working norms. Before making the shift to hybrid working, here are five things […]

    Can employers only hire new workers who have been vaccinated?

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    Advice by Alan Price, CEO of BrightHR… Various companies across the UK have said they will consider only making hires if the individual has been vaccinated, prompting whether this is discriminatory. The first thing that employers should bear in mind is that getting a vaccine for Covid-19 has not been made compulsory by the Government, […]

    Surge in 2021 annual leave requests follows vaccine announcement

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    New data from global HR software and employment law advice service BrightHR has revealed there has already been a surge in 2021 annual leave requests by UK workers, following the news that the UK’s medicines regulator has authorised a COVID-19 vaccine and rollout of the injection is imminent. Over the past few weeks, 42,010 users […]

    28% of UK workers have cancelled annual leave in 2020

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    A report by global HR software and employment law advice service BrightHR has revealed that 28% of UK workers have cancelled annual leave in 2020. The report, which uses data from over 300,000 BrightHR users, also found that, predictably, the two highest months for cancelled leave were while the UK was in full lockdown. April […]

    How to implement staggered shifts

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    Employment law expert and CEO of BrightHR Alan Price offers some advice… With lockdown measures lifting, your business may now look to return employees to work – at least, those who can’t continue in their role remotely. However, coronavirus now presents a significant operational problem. You may have to return many employees to an enclosed […]

    What do the UK travel quarantine rules mean for employers and employees?

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    by Alan Price, employment law expert and CEO of BrightHR As an extension to the current rules on self-isolation, a new requirement will see people having to spend 14 days in quarantine after travelling into the UK from another country. This measure is expected to come into place from 8 June 2020, despite receiving criticism […]

    Coronavirus: Are your working from home policies up to date?

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    By Alan Price, HR expert and CEO at BrightHR With coronavirus cases continuing to increase, an option that many employers should be exploring right now is permitting staff to work from home. While some companies may already have homeworking agreements in place, for others this may be a first-time scenario. Whatever the situation, there are a […]

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