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How to prepare for 2021 by optimising costs and improving profitability

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By MBM Omega 2020 has been a tough year for businesses across almost every industry, with many taking a significant financial hit. So, how can you improve profitability to prepare for a stronger financial year in 2021? Improving profitability Depending on your industry, investing in new product lines or enhancing customer service is a great […]

7 in 10 European corporate travel decision makers expect travel budgets to rise

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Seven in ten European corporate travel decision makers (CTDMs) anticipate their travel budget will increase in 2019, with 16 per cent saying they expect their budget to significantly increase. That’s according to a recent study by Cvent entitled ‘The European Travel Manager in 2019. The report reveals that 25 per cent of CTDMs said their […]

How to save money on business travel

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The expert team at EG Chauffeurs have pulled together a checklist so you don’t have to. Saving time & money on your business travel programme is not a one-off task. It’s a continual process where even small tweaks can make a big impact. The travel experts at EG Chauffeurs have compiled a five-step guide for […]

European buyers set to increase travel budgets in 2019

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One-third of buyers will have bigger corporate travel budgets in 2019, according to research by the Business Travel Show. Bigger travel budgets for 30 per cent of European buyers are expected this year according to research by the Business Travel Show. The poll of 134 European buyers also showed a slight increase in the number […]

Fed up with booking & transaction fees? You’re not alone

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If you book a lot of travel, accommodation and handle  overseas expenses, you’ll be familiar with the budget-busting annoyance of transaction fees and other hidden costs – and now a study says we pay an average of £416 each a year. Researchers who polled 2,000 UK adults found they spend around £35 a month on added […]