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      ‘Good first half of 2019’ for UK meetings business

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      It’s been a good first half of the year for the UK meetings industry, with bookings for the rest of the year indicating that this buoyancy will continue until at least the end of 2019. That’s the view of Angie Mason, Chair of the HBAA, which sees plenty of good news for the industry in […]

      SME exec teams ‘too slow to keep up with workforce technology needs’

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      Nearly a third (31%) of SME decision makers say their leadership team is not moving fast enough to keep up with employees’ changing technology requirements. That’s according to the new 2019 Digital Business Report from Advanced, which calls into question whether employees are given the right tools to improve their productivity. 39% would consider leaving their job if […]

      5 minutes with… Leanne Farrell, founder of Leanne Farrell VA

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      After launching her own virtual assistant business a few years ago, Leanne Farrell, founder of Leanne Farrell VA, has never looked back since. Here she explains why she needed to make the jump and stop thinking ‘what if, and why she just can’t live without her phone. How did you launch your business? I started […]

      Opinion: Divorce your partner, not your business

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      Starting a business with your marital partner may seem like a great idea to some but what happens to your company if you end up in divorce? Karen Holden, founder of A City Law Firm explains who ends up with what. When setting up a business with your significant other, a divorce is one thing […]

      European buyers set to increase travel budgets in 2019

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      One-third of buyers will have bigger corporate travel budgets in 2019, according to research by the Business Travel Show. Bigger travel budgets for 30 per cent of European buyers are expected this year according to research by the Business Travel Show. The poll of 134 European buyers also showed a slight increase in the number […]

      Opinion: 6 months on, how’s your GDPR journey so far?

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      As we start back at work, it’s time for many of us to get back into the right frame of mind to be motivated and work hard. However, with GDPR still hanging over many of our heads, that motivation might be lacking a little. Karen Holden, lawyer and founder of A City Law Firm, talks about […]

      Should targets be taboo?

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      A lot of companies in the UK set rigid targets for staff to meet. It’s not the fault of the company but rather this traditional system of working practice. But has company set targets for individuals become old and outdated? The process of setting business goals is so established that it’s taken for granted in […]

      Workers’ rights get 21st century upgrade

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      Gig economy workers are becoming more popular with employers. Choosing to hire freelancers and staff on short-term contracts over those who would stay with a company indefinitely has fast become a trend that often sees workers lose out. The benefits for an individual to become a freelancer or work short-term contacts are widely known, these […]

      Still clueless about GDPR?

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      More than half of those surveyed revealed they don’t dispose of paper customer records securely and confidentially. Since the GDPR deadline in May 2018 we have been inundated with thousands of PAs that are yet to see their businesses change. This not only puts the personal data of millions of employees and customers at risk […]

      Business travel the truth?

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      Business travel has become more popular in the cyber-age. This is because the effort of travelling to see someone can often mean more for professional relations than sitting at a desktop while constantly skyping in and out of meetings all day. The personal touch of travelling to a meeting is widely recognised as being a […]