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    Adam Fidler shares how to “own it” by taking ownership

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    By Adam Fidler, Founder, Adam Fidler Academy Adam Fidler is the Principal and Founder of the Adam Fidler Academy, which offers inspirational teaching and learning for PAs, EAs and business support professionals. Adam Fidler, often gets asked what key attributes organisations are seeking in their EAs and he shares his insights with PA Life… “I was […]

    Tips for a successful career change in 2020

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    If the New Year saw you resolve to step up the career ladder – or even consider something completely different, read on for some useful advice for anyone, no matter what your circumstance… According to the latest YouGov data, over a fifth (22 per cent) of Brits said they were likely to be on the […]

    Is it time to leave your job? Take the test

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    Handy flow chart and advice on what to do if you’re unhappy at work. The pursuit of the proverbial ‘dream job’ can take us to many exciting places. Occasionally, that journey takes you to a role that, well, you just don’t love. But it’s easy to jump the gun when you’re unhappy in your current […]

    Abbey Clancy on what inspires her and her top pieces of career advice

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    “Have patience, if you believe in yourself you should never give up,” said Clancy. Following the debut of her clothing collection with fashion brand Lipsy London, TV personality Abbey Clancy has shared her thoughts on female empowerment and what keeps her motivated. According to Clancy, the key to feeling inspired is being happy and feeling […]

    Bosses have ‘no idea’ what their staff do on a daily basis

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    How many time have you sat at your desk and thought to yourself, that no one really understands your job? Apparently, you aren’t the only one…   Bosses have ‘no idea’ what their staff do on a daily basis, according to a poll of employees. A poll of 2,000 working adults found around one in […]

    Top tips for introvert PAs to get noticed in the office

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    Within any office there always seem to be those that progress up the company ladder much quicker than the rest, if you’re introvert and a PA we hope that with our help, you’ll progress up the ladder. Vincenzo Ferrara looks at the top tips for introvert PAs to get noticed in the office. We get […]

    Taking the leap to a more fulfilled career

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    Making sure you are fulfilled in your career has many benefits and can make your happier. Nicola Allen, freelance writer, looks at ‘finding the thing that fits – taking the first steps towards a more fulfilled career’ In the most recent issue of PA Life (July/August 2018) we learned that 42% of us would be […]

    Unsure if your career is stagnant or unstoppable? There’s a quiz for that…

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    Do you dread Monday mornings or bounce into the office bright-eyed and bushy-tailed? Or are you somewhere in between? Well, good news if you need some help deciding if you like your job or not, because recruitment specialist Michael Page has created a quiz that will tell you if your career is stagnant or unstoppable. […]