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    The majority of recruiters still find tattoos ‘undesirable’

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    64% of recruiters admit to being put off by applicants with tattoos, according to new findings. A study by course providers DPG also revealed that over half of those involved in the hiring process believe that tattoos have a negative impact on the workplace and were rated as the second most likely feature to limit […]

    Abigail Jones joins line-up at the London Venues Summit

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    Executive Assistant Abigail Jones has been announced as a speaker at the upcoming London Venues Summit on 3 July. Hosting a seminar called Having a life, whilst running someone else’s, Jones will be discussing how she juggles her life yet remaining a dedicated assistant. Detailing how to perfect your schedule and learning when to make […]

    Offices putting secretaries ‘centre-stage’

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    Businesses are being urged to do more to give more prominence to company secretaries after reports reveal just 15% of UK workers know who the secretary at their firm is. A new study by eShare has revealed that the role of corporate secretaries is becoming harder than ever more as the world increasingly goes digital, […]

    Flexible retirement could be the key to happiness

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    Older workers are opting to stay at work past the retirement age as life expectancy rises, according to new studies. A report by The Lancet has revealed the average person is expected to live to the age of 85 by the year 2030, and that as people are living longer, more are choosing to stay […]

    Lateral hiring key to solving skill shortage

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    Employers could be missing out on a major opportunity for staff retention as talent could be hiding under recruiters’ noses, according to new research. The study by Alexander Mann Solutions revealed that a quarter of senior HR professionals believe that lateral hiring is imperative for companies looking to retain talent and solve the skill shortage. […]

    4 questions to ask yourself before becoming a VA

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    Leaving the comfort of a permanent full-time job is often a daunting task. Walking out on a familiar position you could have held for years is a difficult decision, even after months of consideration. When trading in a PA job for a freelance or virtual PA position the leap of faith can be scary, but […]

    Executives need to engage with workers to avoid becoming ‘invisible’

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    Board members are being urged to connect and engage with their employees as studies reveal around 40% of British workers can’t name a single executive member. The research, commissioned by eShare, showed that nearly one in five believe their board is barely visible, with 17% saying their board is totally invisible to them. Around 70% […]

    Mums paid 3% less at work for each child

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    Mums are paid 3% less per hour for every child they have compared to other female colleagues without children, a new study shows. The report by the Université Paris-Saclay also revealed that fathers pay no penalty at all, regardless of how many children they have. Examining 16 years of data from private sector businesses, the […]

    This is what a CV should look like in 2017

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    New research from HR experts has revealed the ideal CV for the digital age. Conducted by Copenhagen-based design company Novorésumé, the study hopes to turn CV building into an activity rather than another job for the to-do list as they compiled a list of the most important updates to make to your CV, and what […]

    Networking is essential to inspiring next generation of leaders

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    Event organisers are being urged to maximise their use of breakout sessions and networking opportunities in order to help grow their own company, and the industry at large. Research by Imago Venues revealed that more networking helped delegates discuss and digest what they have learnt, and develop a different perspective on the information. Creating environments […]