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Over half of workers don’t trust the use of ChatGPT in the workplace

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Since ChatGPT’s launch last November, the search for artificial intelligence has rocketed by 1,700%. The chatbot, which has attracted over 100 million users, has been the centre of much debate in recent months, especially when it comes to its position and the use of ChatGPT in the workplace. Keen to learn more about the use […]

ChatGPT ban considered in UK organisations

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Two thirds (66%) of organisations in the UK are implementing or considering a ban on ChatGPT and other generative AI applications within the workplace, according to a survey of IT decision makers by software company Blackberry. Most (69%) of these bans are long term or permanent, with 78% concerned that unsecured AI apps pose a […]

Concerns over employees inputting sensitive data into ChatGPT

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Legal Expert Raises Confidentiality Concerns Over Employees Inputting Sensitive Data into ChatGPT. Richard Forrest, Legal Director at the UK’s leading data breach law firm, Hayes Connor, discusses the potential risks of employees sharing sensitive data on chatbots, as well as providing actionable tips on how to use ChatGPT safely in the workplace. In light of […]

How to level up your recruitment with ChatGPT

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The technology could hold the power to transform our lives and will likely be used as a tool across many different sectors. But how about ChatGPT for recruitment? Can it be used to augment, automate, and transform the hiring process? We put it to the test. Caroline Gleeson, CEO, of Occupop, providers of Simple Recruitment Software […]