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The East Midlands & West Midland-based PA networks join forces

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The East Midlands Personal Assistant Network (EMPAN) is joining forces with the West Midlands-based PA Forum. It will create a Midlands-wide body for personal and executive assistants to network, attend events and undergo training, operating under the PA Forum banner. East Midlands Chamber Company Secretary and Executive Support Manager Lesley Young, who has run EMPAN, […]

How Technology Can Inspire Teamwork and Collaboration

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The way we work is always evolving, and it makes sense that where and how we work would also change. Office working isn’t for everyone and there is a lot more to consider than only your morning commute. Enter collaborative technologies and with them, a boom in users per day by the millions. Companies are […]

Signs That You’ve Got A Good Boss

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Numerous studies have shown that almost 80% of employees are likely to quit their jobs due to ungrateful bosses. Thousands of organisations in the UK, and worldwide, have proven that no company can grow without growing its leaders first. The success of an organisation or venture relies on the performance of its employees. Therefore, leaders must treat […]

Why generational stereotypes could harm your business

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When HR decisions are based on these false generational stereotypes everyone loses out, what we have seen in recent times are more false ‘facts’ about the millennial generation. These stereotypes can cause employers to make decisions which could do more harm to their business than good.  Stereotypes about generational differences are one of the most […]

Interrupting discussions improves decision-making

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Teams make better decisions if they are interrupted with advice during their discussions rather than being advised before it, new research from UCL School of Management reveals. In a study published in Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, Professor Colin Fisher looked at the timing and impact of formal interventions in decision-making groups. He found that giving teams […]