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70% of office workers have worked from their mobile – despite acknowledged negative impact

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Almost three-quarters of office workers have worked from a smartphone at some point, despite 47.4% claiming working from a mobile would have a strong negative impact on their work. National Business Communications surveyed office workers to find out their thoughts and habits regarding working from their mobile phones. Although the majority of respondents had worked […]

Almost 70% of UK businesses still use landlines despite looming switch off

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A recent survey conducted by National Business Communications reveals that 69.5% of UK businesses are still using landlines within their company. Whilst the pandemic forced many businesses to switch to different methods such as Voice over Internet Protocol using applications such as Microsoft teams and Zoom, it appears companies continue to use them alongside other […]

Is your business comms setup costing you time and money?

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More than half of UK businesses could be losing time and money by failing to adopt a consolidated approach to business communications, according to a new survey conducted by smart IP communications provider Fuse 2 Communications. The survey of more than 500 employers and employees found that 52% of businesses are currently relying on separate […]

Nearly half of workers in dark of over ‘new normal’ planning

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47 per cent of UK office workers still do not feel as though they have had clear, formalised communications around working hours, availability and productivity. In addition, more than half (54 per cent) admit to not understanding the current state of the business – as well as their employer’s overall plan to survive the economic […]