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    Heading to an office for the first time? Here’s everything you need to know…

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    Thousands of Brits will be starting a new office job or making their first visit to the workplace in the coming months and could therefore be entering an office environment for the first time. Office work is one of the largest industries in the UK, but due to COVID-19, many British workers have found themselves working from home as a result of movement restrictions. This has meant that many workers will have started their careers working remotely or will have never set foot in an office previously. […]

    Most employees in the UK and Ireland are reluctant to return to the office

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    The majority (67%) of UK and Irish office workers are reluctant to return to the office post-Covid. That’s according to a new European study by global workplace creation experts Unispace. The study – which combined the results of an in-depth survey of 3,000 office workers, 2,750 employers in leadership roles at organisations with 50+ employees, […]

    In a hurry? These are the best & worst UK train stations for punctuality

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    While the UK might have one of the biggest and most complex rail networks in Europe, it’s by no means the most efficient. Not a day goes by where at least one train isn’t delayed: and if you’re in London, it’s more like four or five minimum. But which UK train station is the worst […]

    Cyclescheme’s City Bike Hire extends to 30 UK locations

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    Cyclescheme has announced that its City Bike Hire initiative has been extended across the UK, so in addition to TFL’s Santander Cycles in London, a new partnership with Brompton Folding Bikes means that commuters can now hire a bike in more than 30 regional locations including Bristol, Manchester, Birmingham and Cardiff.  From £5 a day, commuters will be able […]

    Office life is not redundant, but the traditional commute could have changed for good…

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    Lockdown sparked an Electric Bike phenomenon across the UK. A leading electric bike retailer E-Bikes Direct experienced a 400% growth in the first lockdown alone. 12 months later, demand continues to outweigh supply across the globe, signalling that electric bike are set to become a permanent lifestyle shift because of the pandemic. Here, E-Bikes Direct […]

    A fifth of UK workers don’t intend to commute again post pandemic

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    As employees across the UK are to set to embark on their return to the workplace following the easing of COVID-19 restrictions, new research reveals that commuters are reluctant to return to the office in the coming months – mainly due to increased concern over infection control and social distancing on the daily commute. According to […]

    When work makes the drive home more dangerous…

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    Most road traffic accidents happen on the drive home from work – and new research from Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (RSM) has revealed exactly which characteristics of the working day have implications for road safety and why. According Dr Rebecca Hewett from Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (RSM), Dr Michael Clinton, Prof. […]

    How to combat commuting anxiety post-lockdown

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    While the easing of lockdown will allow us to socialise in beer gardens and go shopping again, the easing is also bringing a return to the office, which is causing workers across the UK to feel commute anxiety. Dyer Mazda explains why the return to commuting is causing us such anxiety and offers tips to […]

    Prove you’ve had vaccine before we come back, say office workers

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    A third of office workers think people should have the vaccine and prove it before returning to the office – and a further 24% agree that people should have the vaccine, but don’t think you can ask for Covid vaccine certificates. That’s according to a survey by office property agents O&A Property, with the findings […]

    Will easing of lockdown see the demise of video meetings?

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    As the UK begins its transition out of lockdown, with pubs, gyms, hairdressers and non-essential shops now open for business, the coming months will see an increase in the number of white-collar professionals returning back to their places of work. However, just 24% of employees are looking forward to returning to their workplace, reveals a […]