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      Would you walk to work to save on fuel?

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      Almost half of UK employees (44%) are struggling to afford fuel prices in order to get to work. The survey, conducted by employee benefits provider GettaSub, quizzed 2,000 UK workers and discovered that rising fuel costs are having a detrimental effect on employee financial wellbeing. The results also found that just under a third (30% per cent) […]

      Commuting costs us an arm and a leg in lost items

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      Many of us that work in the major cities across the UK often find it easier to live outside and commute into work, rather than live amongst the busy cities themselves. In all honesty, no one really likes the commute, it’s tiring and uncomfortable  and often leaves you getting in late, if the train arrives […]

      How much time do you actually spend working over a lifetime?

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      Do you feel like you spend more time at work than at home with your family and friends? Well statistically, the hours you spend at the office over a lifetime, may actually confirm this. The average Brit will spend 3,507 full days hard at work during their lifetime – including 204 days of overtime, it […]

      Is checking your email on your commute considered work?

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      Sending work emails while commuting could be a sign of work/life imbalance, but the issue isn’t always clear-cut Commuters use travel time for work emails to such an extent that this should be counted as part of the working day, according to a study by the University of the West of England. The research, which […]

      British rail fares reach five times higher than continental Europe

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      Season ticket travellers could see price hikes of more than £100 A 30 mile train commute is costing the average Brit around five times more than European counterparts, according to a rail comparison from the Press Association. Examining the commutes of London workers travelling from the Essex city of Chelmsford and comparing them to similar […]

      Workers are spending up to 42% earnings a week on steep parking fees

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      Brits are losing large chunks of their salary each year because of the convenience of parking close to the office, according to a new study. Research commissioned by The Car People revealed that the daily commute is leaving a dent in workers’ wallets as parking near to their workplaces within city centres. London parkers that […]

      Brits spend £48K over a lifetime getting to work

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      British commuters face the longest journey times in Europe, but a new study reveals they also pay on average £48,000 over their lifetime for the pleasure of getting to work. With the average British working life now spanning 47 years, long commute times add up to more than a year of an employee’s life spent […]

      Rail fares and industrial action are costing London its talent

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      As commuting prices soar and strikes continue to be a regular sight, recruits are increasingly shunning the capital in favour of cutting the costs of commuting. Research by recruiter the MRL Group revealed that working locally could save employees around £5,000 a year on travel fees. MRL’s new recruit, Jack Emmingham, joined the company after […]