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Business leaders’ ability to deal with conflict is declining with unprecedented pressures

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Our ability to healthily deal with tensions and disagreements between colleagues, competitors, adversaries and antagonists, whether that be at a business, social or even global political level, is declining because of the unprecedented pressures we are under, according to new President of The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CIArb) and internationally renowned mediator and conflict specialist, […]

How To: Defuse workplace conflict

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An essential element that can define which businesses succeed and which don’t is how managers acknowledge, manage and de-escalate the conflicts that may arise. We asked international expert mediator and facilitator in conflict resolution, Jane Gunn (pictured, above), what are the best ways to de-escalate conflict? What leaders can do Appreciate the danger of doing […]

How can you report bullying if the bully is your boss?

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It is not uncommon for someone to be bullied within an organisation for several years before it is tackled because the issues around bullying are increasingly complex, according to internationally renowned mediator and conflict specialist, Jane Gunn, especially if the bully is your boss or someone in HR. As anti-bullying week (15th November – 19th […]

Conflict resolution – Here are the strategies that work

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Conflict resolution at work is a process used by two or more parties in dispute to help them find a peaceful solution. A 2020 CIPD survey found that 26% of employees found conflict a common occurrence at work so why does it happen and what are the solutions? Conflict in the workplace often occurs because […]