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      Is your company cyber security aware during lockdown?

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      UK businesses need to focus more on their cyber security during lockdown and be aware of the possible vulnerabilities of WFH (working from home) devices. That’s the message from Gauntlet Risk Management which recently commissioned a research survey into IT security practices during the Covid-19 pandemic. According to the results, 41% of those surveyed said […]

      Here are the 10 worst passwords you might be using – stop it

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      11 million Brits (21%) only use between one to three passwords for all their online accounts or profiles, 8% use the same password for everything and over a quarter (28%) use between four to six. That’s according to research from Insurance2go, which recently ran a poll to gain insight into why so many members of […]

      Do you use one of these passwords? Change it now

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      Brits have been urged to apply steps to stay safe online after results of the UK Cyber Survey exposed exploitable gaps in personal security knowledge. The polling was independently carried out on behalf of the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), a part of GCHQ, and Department for Digital, Media and Sport (DCMS). The findings, it is hoped, […]

      Still clueless about GDPR?

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      More than half of those surveyed revealed they don’t dispose of paper customer records securely and confidentially. Since the GDPR deadline in May 2018 we have been inundated with thousands of PAs that are yet to see their businesses change. This not only puts the personal data of millions of employees and customers at risk […]

      Give your staff better IT training to increase your cyber-security

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      We are always being warned about the risks of cyber-security and how it could destroy a company by gaining access to the internal computer networks. We often fall back on the fact that the IT department will be able to fix whatever nasty online bug has managed to infect our systems. However, what if the […]

      Tackling your security threats from the front desk

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      Ioana Nitu, product and solutions manager at technology solutions provider, Brother UK shares her thoughts and best practises for tackling security threats. From managing the diaries of senior team members to filing confidential documents, the role of a PA involves dealing with business-critical tasks on a daily basis to keep the office running smoothly and safely. And, […]

      Only 1 in 4 UK firms undertake technical testing of their cyber security defences

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      The government’s Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2017 demonstrates UK business’ soft underbelly when it comes to cyber-attack vulnerability. According to the report, only a third of companies have a formal security policy in place and only one quarter of businesses have undertaken technical testing to evaluate their cyber security spending. A headlong leap into poorly-defined […]

      British businesses woefully unprepared for a cyber attack

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      An extensive report of more than 1000 UK professionals confirms that a shocking 26% of British businesses have left themselves open to the clear and present danger of a cyber attack. The independent research carried out by Advanced, the UK’s third largest software and services provider, also revealed that nearly half (46%) claim that data security is […]

      One for the boss: 5 ways to secure your business against internal crime

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      According to a new study conducted by Expert Security UK, almost one in five people have been affected by crime in the workplace, so it seems that keeping an eye on employees is an increasing concern for businesses. Backed by industry professionals, the following guide will help you to protect your business against internal crime. 1 Under lock […]

      Companies feel confident in cyber security despite previous attacks

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      Juniper Research has released a report into the business attitudes towards and experiences of cyber security and cyber attacks in SMEs and enterprises. The research revealed that three quarters of companies feel they are currently secure, even though half of those businesses also reported having previously experienced a cyber attack. Increasingly, businesses are moving critical […]