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Can you spot a fake review?

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82% of consumers have reported seeing a fake review in the past year, with 72% thinking fake reviews are now the norm. But can you spot a fake review when you see one?… With fake reviews on the rise, the experts at wanted to provide their top tips for online shoppers to identify if […]

Key phishing terms and phrases you need to understand 

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Staying ahead of cyber attacks can feel like an impossible task at times. Opportunistic hackers are constantly coming up with new, more sophisticated ways to breach digital defences and compromise valuable information. Terry Hawkins, a cybersecurity expert, discussed key phishing terms and phrases to learn… One of the biggest and most common schemes cybercriminals use […]

Top 5 cybersecurity trends to watch in 2024

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Recent forecasts by Gartner indicate that global end-user spending on security and risk management is expected to reach $215 billion in 2024, reflecting a substantial 14.3% growth from the previous year. This surge underscores the increasing complexity of digital risks facing businesses today. NordLayer are experts in this field and discuss the top 5 cybersecurity […]

Romance scam alert: Don’t let a Cybercriminal be your Valentine

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Happy Valentine’s day! Matt Cooke, Cybersecurity Strategy, EMEA at Proofpoint is urging UK end-users to be alert this Valentine’s day, and the whole Valentine week as romance takes over our inboxes and social media feeds. He wants to send a serious message to all of us to be vigilant as more and more scammers are looking for […]

How can businesses prepare for AI cyberthreats

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As artificial intelligence (AI) rapidly becomes more widely used, people are questioning its benefits and dangers. One area where AI is having a huge impact is cybersecurity. So how can we prepare for AI cyberthreats.  Criminals are able to use AI technology to create new cyberattack methods which are harder to defend against. At the […]

What are malicious websites, and how can businesses identify them?

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A cybersecurity expert shares why malicious websites are dangerous and how businesses can identify them.  As of January 2023, Google reported delivering 3.6 million malicious site warnings daily. In addition, research confirms that 39% of companies experienced phishing attacks last year, making phishing the most common type of cyberattack. A NordVPN domain study reveals that the […]

LinkedIn scams hit 44% of British businesses this year

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Most of us probably wouldn’t expect to be scammed in LinkedIn, but like all social platforms, LinkedIn is being targeted by cyber criminals. Almost half of businesses in the UK (44%) experienced at least one LinkedIn scam this year, according to the newest research by NordLayer, a network security solution for businesses. The most affected […]

Concerns over employees inputting sensitive data into ChatGPT

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Legal Expert Raises Confidentiality Concerns Over Employees Inputting Sensitive Data into ChatGPT. Richard Forrest, Legal Director at the UK’s leading data breach law firm, Hayes Connor, discusses the potential risks of employees sharing sensitive data on chatbots, as well as providing actionable tips on how to use ChatGPT safely in the workplace. In light of […]

Microsoft’s Chief Security Advisor Sarah Armstrong-Smith encourages women to push themselves forward

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In this exclusive interview for PA Life Microsoft’s Sarah Armstrong-Smith, one of the Top Trending Cybersecurity Speakers in the world, discusses what led the cyber expert to work for Microsoft. Sarah also reflected on her work during the Millenium Bug and revealed the advice she would give her younger self. Discover all of that and […]

How secure is your company’s IT?

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Only 47% of organisations feel confident in their understanding of the cybersecurity threat landscape for their business, according to new research from Rackspace Technology – in addition, only two fifths (39%) of UK businesses feel confident in their ability to respond to incidents today.  Constantly evolving security threats and attack methods, as well as increasing […]

Top tech tips to tackle cyber risks posted by hybrid working

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As workers have been urged to “return to work gradually”, IT experts have revealed the cyber risks faced to businesses operating a hybrid working model and how they can tackle them. Remote working creates challenges for IT services and cyber security as many working away from the office can often be without the data and network protection they may have at work. A businesses IT support […]

4 cybersecurity mistakes your remote teams are making

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By Barry O’Donnell, Chief Operating Officer at IT services specialist TSG… For many businesses, remote working has become a normal practice. Working away from the office had been on the rise for the past few years, but many organisations were pushed to begin embracing it from March 2020. Since then, businesses have solved teething issues […]

What has lockdown done for UK’s tech sector?

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By Tom Chambers, Associate Director of Technology & Growth, Robert Walters One in ten job roles advertised in the UK were tech-related during the pandemic – and by summer 2021 will reach 100,000 job vacancies per month. The tech sector boasts an agile workforce that embraces new digital solutions before other sectors, and as a result […]

Cyberchology – the human element

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Building resilient teams with cybersecurity understanding is key according to internet security provider ESET. Cybersecurity has become the most important consideration for any modern business. A majority of organisations inhabit the online world in some shape or form, and technology is at the core of most business functions. With the COVID-19 pandemic acting as a catalyst […]

Cybersecurity leaving millions of firms vulnerable

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Many companies are being left short, choosing not to adopt new technology in fear of a breach in cybersecurity. Despite most companies understanding the need to stay ahead when it comes to using the latest technology, the increased security threat to the digital world has resulted in many businesses becoming overly cautious. A study has […]