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Cycle to Work Day: How to encourage your teams to bike to work

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Over the five years between 2016 and 2021, the amount of people cycling increased by over 28% to 6,479,900, and it’s clear that cycling could become a popular option for commuting. Integrating a cycle to work scheme could help to encourage workforces throughout the UK to get on their bikes to get to their jobs. […]

Cycle to Work Day: Cyclescheme’s Adrian Warren on why companies should get on their bikes

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As the cost-of-living crisis shows no signs of slowing down, with employees feel concerned, annoyed and anxious over things such as utility bills. And with costs of things like travel continuing to increase, employees are calling for help so employer support through the current crisis is now essential. Today, Thursday 4th August is Cycle to […]

Surge in employers signing up to Cycle-to-Work schemes

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Cycling has received a huge boost since the Coronavirus crisis, with more people cycling to avoid public transport and get back to work. Halfords has reported that sales of some cycling equipment had risen by 500% since the lockdown, and bike sales have doubled this month. Cycle-to-work schemes giving tax benefits to employees to buy […]

Simple workplace initiatives produce happier and healthier teams

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Employee wellness is being talked about more and more in offices around the UK and the world. Many businesses are shifting focus from other areas in order to keep their employees happy and healthy. The shift has meant that ‘well-being’ initiatives are in the spotlight. Here are a few of our favourites. There are many […]