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Cybersecurity leaving millions of firms vulnerable

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Many companies are being left short, choosing not to adopt new technology in fear of a breach in cybersecurity. Despite most companies understanding the need to stay ahead when it comes to using the latest technology, the increased security threat to the digital world has resulted in many businesses becoming overly cautious. A study has […]

Opinion: 6 months on, how’s your GDPR journey so far?

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As we start back at work, it’s time for many of us to get back into the right frame of mind to be motivated and work hard. However, with GDPR still hanging over many of our heads, that motivation might be lacking a little. Karen Holden, lawyer and founder of A City Law Firm, talks about […]

Facebook’s data breach is ‘incredibly worrying’ for the industry

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The news that Facebook is being investigated following a data breach has rocked the nation. The social media platform is reportedly being investigated by The US Federal Trade Commission after allegations that 50 million users’ private information was misused by political consultancy firm, Cambridge Analytica (CA). CA, which is based in London, denies taking the […]