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Car, bus, bike or train – How do you get to work?

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Despite government efforts to get more people on public transport to cut congestion and pollution, Britons would still rather hop in the car. As governments around the world look for ways to get citizens out of cars and onto public transport for health and environmental reasons, a new YouGov survey reveals that it won’t be […]

How To Do Content Marketing Without Writing Blog Posts

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By Mary Kucher It would come as no surprise that Blog Posts are the most used and profitable strategies for content marketing. Many websites use them to bump up their rankings and get a broader audience. Such promotions are common because blogs tend to include real-life experience, showing that the editor can relate to his […]

Juggling work and kids during the school holidays? You’re not alone

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The average summer break from school will involve 11 day trips, 344 miles of travel – and two cases of sunburn, a study has revealed, highlighting just how much time is spent juggling work and kids at this time of year. A survey of 2,000 British families found the long summer holiday away from lessons […]

Fed up with booking & transaction fees? You’re not alone

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If you book a lot of travel, accommodation and handle  overseas expenses, you’ll be familiar with the budget-busting annoyance of transaction fees and other hidden costs – and now a study says we pay an average of £416 each a year. Researchers who polled 2,000 UK adults found they spend around £35 a month on added […]

UK employees can’t identify mental health symptoms, resulting in treatment delays

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Mental health misconceptions are causing one in four UK workers to delay seeking help, according to a new report by Bupa and Mental Health First Aid. The study examined employees’ understanding of key psychological and behavioural symptoms of six of the most prevalent mental health conditions in the UK, as well as identifying widely-held misconceptions. […]

Fake it to make it – How confidence can boost your career

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It’s probably not earth-shattering news, but a new study has underlined the assertion that confidence is key to professional success. ‘What would Madonna/Beyonce/Taylor Swift do’ is a winning tactic here at PA Life, but the impact on style on career development is the focus of the research by personal styling service Trunk Club. The study […]

One in three employers won’t hire a transgender candidate

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A new report has revealed a strong prejudice among UK companies, with one in three admitting they are less likely to hire a transgender worker and 43 per cent ‘unsure’. The survey identified the retail sector as having the highest number (47 per cent) of businesses unlikely to employ a transgender, followed by IT (45 […]

Thinking of a career break? It could cost you £60k

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Brits taking a career break could lose as much as £1,300 off their annual salary over the course of an average 47 year career, costing more than £60,000, according to new research from Adzuna. The data – collated by the job site in June 2018 by analysing 406,011 CVs – takes into account all types of career breaks, […]

The average Brit reckons they take ten ‘risks’ a week

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Leaving the house without a coat, letting the phone battery go lower than 50 per cent charged and going to bed past 11pm on a school night feature in the top 40 list of ‘little risks’ among us crazy Brits, who clearly like living on the edge. Other mini risks, which emerged in the poll […]

Exercise may increase your salary (and sex life)

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Boffins in the US say they’ve found a link between the amount of exercise a person does and the amount of money they earn. A survey of 2,000 Americans revealed those who say they exercise regularly make $74,000 on average, while those who say they never exercise make $49,000 in comparison. That’s a whopping $25,000 difference. The study, […]