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Dr Lynda Shaw

How To: Cope before an anxiety-inducing big event

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From exams to presentations to interviews, important occasions can leave us feeling overwhelmed and anxious, hindering our ability to function and perform, even to the extent of provoking panic attacks, or feelings of overwhelming exhaustion or nausea. Neuroscientist, psychologist and recalibration specialist, Dr Lynda Shaw, reveals her top 10 tips on overcoming fear before an […]

How positive thinking impacts our performance

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Research has shown that we are around 31% more productive when we are positive than when we are stressed. 70% of our thoughts are negative and many of us still suffering with anxiety and burnout as a result of the pandemic, so how can we use positivity in the workplace, especially at a time like […]

HOW TO: Recalibrate in 2022 – From your self-care matrix to avoiding toxic people

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Neuroscientist and business psychologist Dr Lynda Shaw (pictured, above) shares her top tips on how to recalibrate in 2022, from developing your self-care matrix to avoiding toxic people, in order to start the new year as you mean to go on…   Work on a positive self-fulfilling prophecy – Simply having the belief or expectation of […]

How To: Access your survivor mindset in challenging times

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The last two years have taught most of us how resilient we can be, but many of us are wondering how we will cope with further challenging times that we may face in 2022, especially if we are already feeling exhausted. Difficult or stressful times can affect our responses, behaviours and beliefs. Our basic survival […]

Do what this neuroscientist does every day for good brain health in 2022

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The brain is the command centre of the nervous system and is responsible for our thoughts, emotions, memory, movement and more, and is vital in preserving and activating every aspect of the body, both mental and physical. There are several different ways to keep your brain healthy starting with a bottom-up approach (factors that change […]

Why it’s good to fail so you can succeed

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By Dr Lynda Shaw, neuroscientist, business psychologist and change specialist Failure. A word we all dread.  Failure can make us feel less competent, confident or intelligent, yet it is inevitable. We have all experienced failure in our lives, and whilst in the short term it can be debilitating, it can also be a springboard to […]

What dishonesty does to the brain and why it’s bad for business

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By Dr Lynda Shaw (pictured), neuroscientist, business psychologist and change specialist Dishonesty in the workplace varies from lying, misuse of company time or expenses, stealing, fraud, claiming sick pay when not sick, taking leave without permission or giving untruthful information when applying for a job to name but a few.  Dishonesty tarnishes relationships, compromises finances, […]

How To: Make sleep a top management priority

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Most of us accept that good quality and enough sleep is essential to human survival and is vital to our mental and physical health.  Sleep has a profound impact on our neurological performance and is essentially food for the brain. Given its importance, forward thinking businesses should make sleep a top management priority, according to […]

HOW TO: Recognise and overcome imposter syndrome in the workplace

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By Dr Lynda Shaw, neuroscientist, business psychologist and change specialist WHAT IS IMPOSTER SYNDROME Imposter syndrome is the belief that you are not as competent as others think you are, or that you don’t deserve the success you have. The term’ Imposter syndrome’ was coined by psychologists Dr Suzanne Imes and Dr Pauline Rose Clance […]

Why holidays are so important – this year more than ever

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By Dr Lynda Shaw, neuroscientist, business psychologist and change specialist The past year has been incredibly tough and unpredictable, and the uncertainty and constant changes have increased our stress and anxiety levels. Many of us are hoping to take a holiday this summer, whether that is in this country or perhaps abroad. Here is why […]

The importance of the self-fulfilling prophecy when coming out of a crisis

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By Dr Lynda Shaw (pictured), neuroscientist, business psychologist and change specialist The self-fulfilling prophecies of leaders and workers could be one of the key determining factors in how a business coped during lockdown and how it will do in a future still full of uncertainty, as we know that our beliefs directly affect our consequences. […]

Dr Lynda Shaw shares how to cope with the restrictions this winter

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By Dr Lynda Shaw, neuroscientist, business psychologist and change specialist. In the middle of another lockdown many of us are wondering how we are going to cope this winter. So, Dr Lynda Shaw shares some tips on how to cope, especially for those who feel they have reached their Covid-19 limit. Uncertainty is difficult so […]

How to: Help your business during coronavirus

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By Dr Lynda Shaw, neuroscientist, business psychologist and change specialist The news at the moment about COVID-19 is very alarming, and for many our anxiety levels are on high alert which in the long term can be at the expense of our mental and physical health.  So what can businesses do to help ease anxiety and […]