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Dry January

How important is Dry January?

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As Dry January reaches its end, Lecturer in Post-Registration Health Care at the University of Derby Gerri Mortimore is asking; is alcohol really all that bad? Many of us who regularly consume alcohol don’t really think about the units we drink unless we are contemplating driving. I think many people will be shocked to realise […]

Best places to enjoy a dry January in London

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As the year nears the end and the increasingly popular dry January gets nearer, we feel some inspiration is needed to help you stick to your resolution of an alcohol free month. And it doesn’t have to be boring either!  We can still meet up with friends over food and drinks, even better when you […]

Take the spirit out of the glass – not out of the party

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What do the likes of A listers, Chrissy Tegan, Kate Moss, Zac Efron and Tom Hardy all have in common? They’re all teetotal! Every year the numbers of people taking part in Dry January gets bigger. There’s also an increasing number of people going tee-total all year round. Whether that’s for health or religious reasons […]

Struggling with dry January already? Here’s some tips to get your through

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Mark Pinches, head of coaching at Westfield Health, reveals his alternative stress busters to help you get through January if you have decided to ditch the booze. A New Year marks the opportunity to set out a series of resolutions, whether that is quitting alcohol or aiming to shed a few pounds – we’re all […]

Give up meat, not alcohol this January

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The latest diet fad that hopes to make you feel fit and healthy in 2019 is to keep the booze and ditch the meat for January. Otherwise known as Veganuary, the craze hopes that people will give up meat to benefit both their individual health and the environment. Figures released by has revealed the […]