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Insults, ‘Sexts’ and Confidential Info – How We Miscommunicate in the Office

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Inefficient communication is a problem many businesses deal with sometimes. The consequences of certain communication mishaps aren’t just damaging to an employee’s career or a businesses’ reputation, but they can be downright embarrassing for everyone involved. To highlight the outcomes of miscommunication in the office, international telecommunications provider TollFree Forwarding has sourced several real-life stories of people […]

60% of Brits personally affected by after-work emails

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While digital technology has kept us safe during the pandemic, for millions of people, working from home has felt more like sleeping in the office, making it harder to fully switch off. The right to disconnect has been law for six years in France, where companies are asked to set agreed ‘specific hours for ‘teleworkers. […]

Four simple yet powerful things you can do today to stop letting your inbox rule your life

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By Suzy Sanders, Founder and Franchisor at Alchemy Virtual Assistance Email anxiety is very real! Whilst technology enables us to communicate fast, effectively and in real time. It also brings with it a whole heap of practical and mental strain. I am not one for striving to achieve ‘inbox zero’ – yet another impossible standard! […]

UK workers spend less than 40% of the week actually doing their job

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The modern office is filled with distractions from excessive meetings and emails eating up the majority of the day, but does that mean that we only spend around 40% of the time actually doing our job?  A survey released by Workfront found that more and more workers are spending large portions of the work day on […]