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Despite everything, are you feeling closer to work colleagues now?

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Half of UK workers feel they have grown closer to their colleagues during the pandemic – despite being forced to work separately from their homes. Research of 2,000 adults currently working remotely revealed 53 per cent believe they now have a better understanding of their colleagues as human beings. And 43 per cent think it’s […]

Do you get emotional over emojis in the workplace?

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The ‘thumbs up’ emoji is the nation’s favourite way of conveying a ‘well done’ (51%), followed by the ‘OK’ emoji in second place (16%), ‘starry eyes’ (13%), ‘smiley face’ (11%) and ‘raised hands’ (10%). That’s according to research by Perkbox, which polled 1,000 working Brits found to celebrate World Compliment Day, a global initiative to […]

Top trends to transform how we learn in the workplace

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Most of us think that learning stops once we’ve left school but most people learn more whilst at work than they ever did in formal education. However, it is important to keep learning, to actively keep advancing your skills so that you become a more valuable employee. Spaced Learning In terms of memory (both short […]