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Is Passive Aggression The Perfect Office Crime?

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Passive-aggressive behaviour could be described as the ‘perfect office crime’ because these toxic acts are partially hidden and it can be difficult to prove someone is being passive-aggressive, even though their behaviour can be insidious and destructive. It is important to address because not only does passive aggression affect the direct victims but also often […]

Covid-19 is affecting our mental health: here’s how to cope

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Covid-19 continues to impact our lives, and studies have revealed that it’s affecting more than just our physical health. One in three survivors of the virus experience mental health conditions, the majority being anxiety and mood disorders. This is a major sign that it’s time for people to start taking control of their mental health. […]

828,000 UK workers currently struggling with mental health problems

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As April is Stress Awareness Month, Instant Offices researched how the last year has affected employee mental health – but also what business and individual employees can do to improve and support mental health. As remote working has been the new normal for the last year, self-isolation and health-related anxiety have created a general sense of unease for many […]