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Employee engagement highest in environmentally conscious organisations

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Prioritising environmental and societal impact is becoming the leading indicator of employee engagement. Employees who feel that their organisations are environmentally-conscious are 2.3 times more engaged at work 80% of employees feel that their organisation cares about having a positive impact on the environment in data collected from 35,000 respondents Out of those, 84% would […]

How to bring eco-friendly living from home to the office in 2021

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The UK is more environmentally conscious than ever, with 89% of adults prioritising being more environmentally friendly this year. Ahead of Global Recycling Day on March 18th, flexible office specialist Workthere has shared top tips on how UK workers can be more conscious of recycling in the office. Bring in your own lunch Bringing your own packed lunch in reusable Tupperware containers is an easy way to benefit the environment. By doing […]

Bupa launches new mental health campaign as UK adults put off seeking help

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Bupa UK has unveiled the second phase of its ‘Is It Normal?’ brand campaign, which focuses on mental health after months of distress brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. The campaign asks ‘what is normal now?’, aiming to normalise seeking support for mental health by offering reassurance that everyone has their own version of what […]

Go green for good

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Sustainability is a hot topic for today’s businesses, with governments all over the world putting strict guidelines into place. Chelsea Langston-Lloyd explains how PAs and office managers can go green with some simple changes We are all busy in our day jobs and thinking about being sustainable in the workplace isn’t really at the forefront […]