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60% of Brits personally affected by after-work emails

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While digital technology has kept us safe during the pandemic, for millions of people, working from home has felt more like sleeping in the office, making it harder to fully switch off. The right to disconnect has been law for six years in France, where companies are asked to set agreed ‘specific hours for ‘teleworkers. […]

Your WFH desk is three times dirtier than a toilet seat, say boffins

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Over the past year, our working from home desk set up has been getting a lot of use. But do you know how many germs are lingering on our workspaces? When did you last clean your office or home desk? Even though it might look clean, many people neglect to thoroughly scrub and disinfect their […]

Spam emails annoying you? Here are some tips to help clean your inbox…

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Recent data shows 68% of Brits don’t protect their inbox from spam emails – not only are they annoying, but they can also be potentially dangerous. So, what – if anything – can we do about it? It turns out there are quite a few easy solutions to dwindle the number of junk from your […]