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First Impressions

The truth behind first impressions

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What makes a good first impression? Is it all about image? Can you bounce back from an embarrassing initial encounter? Lenstore reveals a new survey on the physical characteristics we find most attractive. We’ve always been quick to judge. As a society we tend to ‘shoot from the hip’ when it comes to making judgements […]

How to make an impact before you start a new role

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Walking through the doors of your new office to start your new role can be one of the most unnerving tasks we all eventually go through, so what can employees do to ensure they make a positive impact on their first day? Kate Allen, MD at Allen Associates, shares some key advice. You’ve been selected […]

Negative first impressions are deterring PAs from pursuing jobs

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First impressions mean everything, especially when it comes to new job roles. According to new research carried out by recruiting expert, by Hays PA & Secretarial, 55 per cent of PAs surveyed have been deterred from pursuing a role due to a poor first impression. Over two thirds (68 per cent) of respondents claimed that […]

VIDEO: Don’t make these mistakes on your first day at work

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A poll of almost 3,000 UK workers has revealed the top 30 worst nightmares that can be experienced on the first day at a new job. Among the most cited incidents are, unsurprisingly, turning up late wearing the wrong clothes, being over-dressed, crashing into a colleague’s vehicle in the car park, spilling tea everywhere, getting lost en route to the office and […]