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Brexit update: What Theresa May’s defeat means to UK business

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Last night saw Theresa May’s Government suffer a massive defeat in the House of Commons over her Brexit deal. Vincenzo Ferrara looks at what the vote potentially means for UK business.  On the evening of January 15, 2019, UK Prime Minister Theresa May lost the meaningful vote on her Government’s EU withdrawal agreement by a […]

We need to talk about ethnic minority business leadership

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There are more FTSE100 directors named Dave or Steve than there are women or those from ethnic minorities, which begs the question: Why are more people from the BAME community not sitting in the top spots? The Equality Group has commissioned a nationally representative study that delves into UK ethnic minority citizens, their career aspirations, […]

‘Pitiful and patronising’ – FTSE excuses for lack of women in boardrooms

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‘They don’t fit in’, ‘they don’t want the hassle’ and ‘all the good ones have already gone’ – Just some of the excuses offered up by FTSE 350 company Chairs and CEOs when quizzed on why they didn’t have more women on their boards. The quite frankly shocking state of affairs was revealed the team […]