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Who Exactly Is In Charge Of Creating An Organisation’s Purpose?

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An organisation’s purpose is one of the key pillars it’s built on but who is responsible for creating and maintaining this purpose? By Thom Dennis, CEO of Serenity in Leadership Much like the values embedded in a mission statement, a company’s purpose can quickly be forgotten or is often seen as an add-on or a […]

PAs and admins worried robots may replace them

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Almost half (44%) of London-based PAs and admin employees fear that robots or artificial intelligence may replace their role, according to new research conducted among 200 support staff in the capital by luxury support specialist the Change Group. This could put further pressure on UK PA and admin roles, which have already declined by more […]

How video game technology is shaping the future of work

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Video games have long been seen as toys – playthings that adults shouldn’t waste their precious time on. Yet the technology coming out of the gaming industry has major implications for the future of work, with virtual reality and multi-user platforms promising more connectivity for international companies and remote employees. Over the past decade, game […]